Anver Power lifter

Make: Anver

Model: BA200M10-246-5/53

Features:  ** BAE1-RA

Load Capacity: 2000LBS

Year: 2003

Unit Weight: 1050 LBS

Voltage: 115 V 1 phase 60HZ

Quantity: 4 of these units available

Manufactures technical details:

** ANVER’s BAE1 Series Vac-Pack Vacuum Generator contains many of the same features as the standard VPE1- Series. Designed for use with a wide assortment of vacuum pad attachments and lifter assemblies. Includes a rechargeable, heavy duty 12 volt DC 75 amp hour battery, making it suitable for handling non-porous loads. It is commonly used for special applications where AC power is not readily available.


  • VacGuard Vacuum Control System
    This revolutionary solid-state Vacuum Control System combines all the required vacuum generator controls in a rugged, compact polycarbonate enclosure. The VacGuard controls all vacuum pump functions, safety lights and a standard VLS-03E audible vacuum leakage warning system.
  • Front Control Panel and Gauges 
    All gauges, lights and power switches are mounted on the front panel. The two vacuum gauges on the face of the panel display the level of vacuum in the manifold and in the reservoir.
  • Control Pendant with Safety Interlock System 
    The control pendant is supplied with 10 ft coiled cord and provides rapid attach/release functions at the operator’s fingertips.
  • Indicator Lights 
    • Amber light indicates “Power On” for vacuum generator.
    • Green light indicates “Safe to Lift” vacuum level.
    • Red light indicates “Unsafe to Lift” vacuum level.
    • lluminated battery charge level gauge.
    • Only available with P/N: GC-CHARGE-10 battery charger. Amber light indicates “Charger On.”
  • VLS-03E Audible Vacuum Leakage Warning System (Standard)
    Integrated electronically controlled vacuum leakage sensor monitors vacuum level and will sound an alarm if a slow vacuum leak is present when the vacuum level drops to a pre-determined set point.
  • Vacuum Retention
    The system includes an internal check valve to stop loss of vacuum in the event of a power failure (non-porous loads). A 627 cu. in. vacuum reservoir assists in maintaining a safe vacuum level during a power failure (non-porous loads).
  • Ergonomic Front Handlebar [BAE1-FA, BAE1-HA and BAE1-XA Only]
    Easy to grasp, large loop handlebar enables the operator to easily and safely maneuver the attached load without touching the load itself. Handlebar can be adjusted for smaller size loads.




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