Make: Billco ( Made in USA )

Model: Titan

Max glass size: 60" wide 

Type: Horizontal glass washer 

Location: California

Condition: like new

Year: 2008

Titan 60" Glass Washing and Drying Machine with 72" Load Staging Conveyor,72" Off-Load Staging Conveyor
and Blower Platform. Included options for Titan Washer Contains Static Elimination Kit, Stainless Steel
Dual Bag Filtration System, Up-Flow carbon filtration System for first rinse,DI side stream polishing
system for final rinse, conveyor sensors for staging and inputs for future automation.

60" Titan General Specifications

Normal Operating Speed: 5-50 feet per minute
Conveyor Width: 60"
Glass size: minimum 21" in length, maximum 60" x any length over minimum
Thickness: 1mm to 6 mm without adjustment, 19 mm with adjustment
Machine Dimensions: Length 275"
Width 205"
Height 56"
Height to Rollers 35" + 1" grout
Configurable Zone Cleaning: allows ability to run four unique cleaning zones to maximize cleaning.
Framework is Stainless Steel weldment. Electrical: 480 volts 3phase 150 amps 50/60 Hz.
PLC Control: An Allen Bradley PLC with Touch Screen Interface, Compact Logix used for base PLC

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