Bystronic and Bromer loading system

Make: Bystronic Table and Bromer Loading Rack System

Size: Max size 102” x 144”

Year:  2006 Bystonic table / Bromer Rack System 1999/ Loader 2020

Bromer Racks: Max size glass 102 x 144 / 3mm to 6mm thickness. 

Power: 480 Volt, 60 HZ , 3 Phase

Location: West Coast, California, USA

Notes: The loader is 1 year old.

2006 Bystonic table and Bromer Loading system. The Bromer loading table was replaced last year. The 20 drawers, 5 fixed stations and shuttle are from year 1999. All working perfectly. The table will be running the rest of the week then it will be taken off line.


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