Bystronic Cutting line

Bystronic cutting table-1

Make: Bystronic

Model: XYZF-98

Year: Built in 2000 and put into service 2001

Max glass size: 102″ x 144″

Max Glass weight: 381KG ( 838 lbs )

Power: 480 Volt,3 phase,60HZ

Cycle time per sheet: 82 seconds

Location:  Canada

The cutting line consists of the following components:-

a. Cutting table

b. Software

c. Loader

d. Rails for Gantry

e. Bromer pivot table

f. Tilt Table

Options not included in the price but can be purchased seperatly:

g. 102″ Vertical glass washer ( Prestik ) 8 brushes

h. Blue glass storage racks ( Bromer ) Quantity 11

Notes:This cutting line is still set up operational and is being sold because it is surplus to requirements and not being used. It has been well maintained and in good working condition and can be viewed by appointment.  The cost on this line new was $462,367.00 in 2000

Price: $197,950.00

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Bystronic break-out table-1

Bystronic 001-1

Tilting infeed conveyor-1

Bystronic loading gantry-1

Bystronic loader-1

Bystronic controls-1

90 degree pivoting infeed-1

vertical prewash-1

11station glass store-1


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