Glass Polishing felt wheels

We can provide felt wheels  in a vast range of sizes from 1″ diameter up to 30″ diameter and widths from 1/4 ” up to 3″  ( 4″ wide on certain diameters available ) Our felts are made in the USA with 100% virgin wool and are extremely pliability to conform to the exact shape of your parts. We recommend a medium density felt for working with cerium oxide on glass parts. Wool Felt has a unique quality for polishing as it retains compound and releases it as needed to achieve the ultimate polish. Wheels can be bored out to any size arbor hole to fit your machine. Scratch polishing strips are also available size 54″ x 3″ x 3″

Hair felt wheels and cork wheels are also  available. Please contact us at 951-734-0292 to provide you with pricing or email your request to



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