Glass washer Rollers

Glass washer Roller-1

Do the rollers on your horizontal glass washing machine resemble this? Cracked and swelled rubber at the ends, journals worn and damaged?  Dreading the cost of OEM replacements?  DO NOT throw those rollers away!!!  We can not only remove the old rubber and vulcanize new rubber to your existing shaft, but also repair damage to the journal ends. All this at a great price compared to the price of a new OEM roller. Even if your roller is beyond salvage, we can save you lots of $$$ for a completely new roller . We can also repair your infeed and outfeed rollers and supply you with new donut rubber rings. Our process consists of machining the old rubber off the shafts, then they are sandblasted clean and treated before being wrapped in new rubber, then heated up and vulcanized to the shaft. The shafts are then ground down to the correct diameter for your glass washer. The journals can be straightened if they have a slight bend then welded and finally machined down to the bearing fit if they are badly worn. If keyways are needed we can also machine these for you. We offer this service for all the leading make of glass washers including Billco,Somaca,Bovone etc. Please download the pdf below, complete and return to for an estimate for new or repaired rollers for your glass washing machine.


Roller estimate form



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