Glasstech tempering furnace


This is a 1987 Glasstech 84″ capacity  tempering furnace with a newer 2007 quench section installed capable of tempering 1/8″ ( 3mm ) glass thickness up to 3/4″ ( 19mm) Model 4 Serial#F-532 Microprocessor controlled.Maximum glass size 84″ x 120″ on 3-4mm glass thickness and 84″ x 168″ on 5 – 19mm glass thickness. Power is 480 Volts  The furnace is a high production workhorse and  can temper about 17,000 ft2 of ¼” clear glass per shift. At 75% efficiency, it can temper approximately 35,000 ft2 of 1/8” glass per shift. Most of the companies that still use these heavy duty furnaces get upset if their personnel do not process at least 10,000 ft2 of glass per shift all day long.

The buyer will be responsible for all costs involved to remove the furnace from its present location and repair any damage done to the building during the removal process. This is an older furnace and was built to last, very heavy duty and will require some foundation work to be done to its new location under the furnace for ducting and access..

This furnace needs to go quickly and ALL offers will be considered.

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