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L – FRAME Slot HARP STORAGE RACK   L-Frame Harp Storage Rack is used for storage of cut glass lites for processing into IG Units.  The floor is flat with glass handling controlled by a single set of dividing vinyl covered harp strings.  Rack base and back vertical members are welded construction, arms are bolted to the vertical back and the harp strings are vinyl tube covered.   Slots are 5/8” wide for glass sheet storage.  Harp strings are removable so that vinyl tubing can be replaced when it becomes worn.  Racks are stackable to ten high for economical shipment.    Rack is mounted on four casters ( two swivel & two fixed ) and one ( 1 ) floor lock and flooring consists solid slab of HDPE for glass contact surface.

Rack is shipped with arms, harp strings and casters removed.    Assembly only requires the installation of four ( 4 ) casters and the bolting on of the two arms plus installation of the covered harp strings.   All hardware required for assembly is included.


Number of Slots:                      Depends on the Model ( See Spec Sheet)

Height :                                 Depends on the Model ( See Spec Sheet)

Depth:                                   Depends on the Model ( See Spec Sheet)

Length:                                 Depends on the Model ( See Spec Sheet)

Weight:                                 355 lbs

Casters:                                6 inch Diameter – Two ( 2 ) Swivel & One ( 1 ) Fixed.

Storage Slot Width:            Depends on the Model ( See Spec Sheet)

Load Capacity:                    3,000 pounds

Rack Frame :                      Welded Tubular Steel

Rack Base:                         Solid Slab HDPE Double Row  Removable Steel Rods covered with PVC Tubing

Tubing:                               Strings Removable for Vinyl Tubing Renewal

Slot Numbering:                  Standard – Engraved Plate with numbers 1 thru 50

Many other sizes available download brochure below for complete range

Product brochure

Harp Rack sizes

Product brochure

50 slot Harp rack brochure




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