Tips & Tricks – Maintaining your wheel compartment in your glass edger

Maintaining your VE2Plus2, VEA1, and VE1P edging machine


It’s important to clean your machine weekly/daily to avoid glass build up in your wheel compartment. The diamond wheel in your compartment grinds the glass and those fragments mixed with water produce a thick white residue which once dry turns into a hard cement and is very difficult to remove. That same residue will also stick to your brushes and scratch your glass as it goes through the machine. If you notice you have excessive water coming out of your compartment from the infeed and the outfeed check the rubber wiper to make sure it doesn’t need to be replaced. The coolant hose should be applying a steady stream of water on your diamond and polish wheels. Diamond wheels should also be maintained we recommend you buy a dressing board. Dressing boards are the answer to getting the most out of your diamond and polishing wheels. These medium grit oxide boards, when run through the conveyor of your edging or beveling machine, help to remove accumulated deposits of glass fines, bonding material, and worn diamonds. This combination action works to expose fresh diamonds so your wheels run cooler and your machinery runs more efficiently. Using powdered or liquid coolant will offer high lubricity, dissipates heat, and inhibits rust on your wheel. It is also anti-foaming, anti-bacterial and biodegradable. If you notice water leaking from the back of the compartment check your flexible curtain for rips and holes which can cause damage to your motor.


Pictured below is a VE1P edger that was not cleaned frequently. 

picture 9

picture 8


Check out our spare parts page for replacement parts on your machine

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