TG371B-B Beveling Machine

Champion Model TG371B Straight Line Beveling Machine

The Champion TG371B Straight Line Beveler is a fully automatic beveling machine with 11 spindles – 7 diamond wheels for bevel grinding, 3 felt wheels for bevel polishing, and 1 edging wheel for cleaning up the edge. Bevel parameters are input at the control panel and servo adjustments are made automatically. An encoder system governs the engagement of the felt wheels.


    • Interlocking conveyor pad system with bearings running on tempered guides
    • Direct drive spindle motors
    • Honeycomb wheelbed casting
    • PLC programmable control with automatic display for glass thickness, bevel angle, bevel width, and remaining edge thickness
    • Centralized lubrication system
    • Minimum glass size 25mm x 25mm (1″ x 1″)
    • Maximum bevel width 60mm (2.25″)
    • Bevel angle 3 degrees – 45 degrees
    • Glass thickness 3 – 19mm (1/8″ – 3/4″)


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