Heated Press

heated press

Manufactures I.G. Units up to 7’ x 10’

Power Requirements: 220 Volt, single phase 40 Amp service.

Save 50% or more on your sealed unit costs using the CentrixIII Thermal heated press. Gain a

competitive advantage while improving your customer service giving you the ability to tap into

new markets and increase your profit by 100%. Very clean and easy to use one step

system, with fast cycle time to heat and press a sealed unit.  The press heats up quickly and

contains thermostatically controlled heaters which are well insulated to conserve energy.

The CentrxIII press is certified by Truseal for use with Duraseal  sealant.

Other benifits of the centrixIII press


* Improved Thermal ratings

* roller bed for insertiion and removal of each sealed unit

* variety of air spaces with simple one handed centrix adjustment

* Rear may be opened for pass through units

* Steel platens for faster pressing on Duraseal and other tape products

* Quick set up for Triple pane and stained glass sealed units.

* Grids and muntin bars are easily inserted.


Truseal and Duraseal are Registered Trademarks.






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