Champion Model TG122E & TG121E Polishing Machines

Champion TG121E (4 Spindle) & TG122E (5 Spindle) Flat/ Arris Polishing Machines


The Champion models TG121E and TG122E are fully automatic flat polishing machinesfor 1/8”- 1/2” thickness. The front Track uses a pad compression system, so no adjustment is necessary when changing glass thickness. The flat grind is achieved using a single diamond metalbond cup wheel which can remove up to 3/32 of stock removal. Front and rear seams are produced using resin bonded diamondcut wheels set at 45 degree to give a smooth satin finished arrises. The glass is polihed using one (TG121E) or two (TG122E) rubber abrasive wheels. Collant is recirculated into a 48 gallon stainless steel tank. All the machines major components are made up of precision machined, vibration absorbing steel casting which unlike welded fabricatedparts will not warp, and all wet areas are fabricated using stainless steel sheet metal. CE approved.

Spindles: 4 Spindles: 5
Size: 18′ 3” (219”) L x 3′ W x 8′ 2” H Size: 18′ 8” ( 224”) L x 3′ W x 8′ 2” H
Power: 220 Volt 3 Phase 10.8 Kw Power: 220 Volt 3 Phase 10.8 Kw
Glass Thickness: 3-12MM (1/8”- 1/2”) Glass Thickness: 3-12MM (1/8”- 1/2”)
Working Height: 810MM (32”) Working Height: 810MM (32”)


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