Refurbished VE1P Glass Edger – June 2021

VE1P Glass Edger

This is a 2005, VE1P spindle glass edger. The original steel work including frame, wheel compartment, front and rear conveyors, in-feed and out-feed conveyors, vertical supports and covers are the original OEM which was sandblasted to the bare metal and powder painted. Powder paint is a much stronger harder paint application than the original paint, and will last longer. Plumbing was also upgraded with a new pump and recirculating coolant tank. New spindle and bearings were installed for the diamond wheel motor. This edger also got a new guide rails, conveyor belt, pressure rollers and conveyor rollers. All of the brushes have been replaced along with new rubber wipers and rubber curtain.

Hilditch Enterprises Inc.


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