Refurbished VE2Plus2 Glass Edger – August 2020

We just finished another Refurbished VE2Plus2 Glass Edger this month.

This is a 1992, 2 spindle glass edger.. The original steel work including frame, wheel compartment, front and rear conveyors, in-feed and out-feed conveyors, vertical supports and covers are the original OEM which was sandblasted to the bare metal and powder painted. Powder paint is a much stronger harder paint application than the original paint,  and will last longer. The existing back support rails were old and damaged and we replaced with new rails. The control panel was also fully upgraded which a new grinding wheel switch, new polish wheel switch, new pump switch, new DC controller, new forward and reverse rocker switch and a new variable speed potentiometer and updated door and face plate. Plumbing was also upgraded with a new pump and recirculating coolant tank. New spindle and bearings were installed for the diamond wheel motor. Diamond and polish wheel motor’s were disassembled and had new bearings installed. This machine had the old school dial indicators, we upgraded the up and down assembly and in and out assembly with new 5 digit position indicators. This edger also got a new drive chains, new front and rear pads along with new in-feed and out-feed conveyor belts. All of the brushes have been replaced along with new rubber wipers and rubber curtain.




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