Refurbished VE2Plus2 Somaca/CRL Edger

As the year comes to an end we have finished up our last refurbished VE2Plus2  edger for the year. This has been a very busy and exciting year for us. We have expanded and took on the spare parts distribution for the C.R. Laurence machinery division.

Somaca/CRL closed their machinery manufacturing plant in Chicago early this year and we have completed an agreement with them to purchase their machinery inventory, to be able to supply parts for their machines.

We carry parts for the following machines:  VEA1, VE1P, PE11, VE2, VE2Plus2, VFE4, VFE8, SM5c, VEW60, VEW63, TTW606, CRL2, TD2.5, BM-106G, BM-106FB, 2200RP, 3300RP, DBS106

You might ask what is the process of our machinery refurbishing ?

These machines are striped down to the frame and all the paint is sandblasted off. They are then powder painted which is harder and more durable than the original paint. All the components are taken apart,cleaned checked for any wear and re-painted. On assembly we install new rubber water protection, coolant tubes with flow valves and brushes/seals in the wheel compartment. If needed new conveyor guides,bearings and belts are used on the assembly.

Lead time is usually 6 to 8 weeks for completion.  We prefer to refurbish these machines completely because even when a machine’s have not been used much or left sitting for a length of time a lot of the parts get frozen or very stiff impeding the operation.

On this last project the control panel on this 18 year old VE2Plus2 was also upgraded with a new pump switch, DC controller, new forward and reverse rocker switch and a new variable speed potentiometer and updated face plate.

 CRL VE2plus2 edger-4
 CRL VE2plus2 edger-3
 CRL VE2plus2 edger-7
 CRL VE2plus2 edger-6
 CRL VE2plus2 edger-9
 CRL VE2plus2 edger-10


Video Link to see it tested in our shop
We will be posting some follow up ” Tips & Tricks ” blogs on maintaining  your edger.

This year we have also launched our web store to allow online shopping. We are adding new products daily for easy re-order.

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