Replacement Heatlamps





High quality replacement lamps for Thermal PVB Separation for all Laminate Glass Cutting Tables and Ovens. Affordable price without sacrificing performance. Keep your equipment operating at peak performance without paying double or triple OEM prices.


Biesse Genius LM                                       Helga VSG-M33

Bottero 551A                                           Helga VSG-A37 MT Plus

Bottero 545 VSXe                                      Intermac Genius 37 LM

Bottero 545 VMXe                                     Intermac Genius 37 LM-C 37

Bottero 301/C                                          Intermac Genius 37 LM-C 61

Bottero 545 VMX-L37                                 Lisec VB-33N

Bottero 501 V-HP                                      Lisec VB-45N

Bottero VSX 540                                       Lisec VB-60N

Bystronic Lamicut 3700                               Macotec Strato Active 3.7

Bystronic Lamicut L                                    Macotec Strato Active 4.6

Bystronic Lamicut M                                   Macotec Strato Advance S 37

CMS Machinery LCKM 3800                          Macotec Strato Line Super 3.3

CMS Machinery LCKM 4600                          Maver Glass MV-SKL330

CMS Machinery LCKM 6000                          Maver Glass MV-SKL370

Helga AdvaLam 37                                     Maver Glass MV-SKL600

Helga AdvaLam 46                                     Pannkoke VSG 440/LFB

Helga EcoLam 37 Plus                                 Pannkoke VSG-L2

Helga VSG-H                                             SETV Bicut D-Combi

We can supply infrared replacement lamps for processing and production machinery used in the glass industry. We have found welcome customers that have been limited to the original equipment manufacturers (OEM), as their replacement lamp supply. Most often,  OEM manufactures purchase lamps with their name and part number from our factories. Less than .05% of all OEM accounts in all industries manufacture their own lamps.

We can guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised with the savings on this fixed cost expense with our price quotation. You will also have a qualified secondary supply source when required.

Please contact us for a special cost evaluation lamp.


Besten heated roller press

GED heated roller press

Billco heated roller press




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