Rosenthal Sheeter


Rosenthal Sheeter-1WM

Make: Rosenthal

Model: Sheeter

Type: Vinyl Applicator

Condition: Good. Running when removed.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Notes: This machine was set up and used to put the vinyl safety backing on mirrored wardrobe doors in compliance with the impact test requirements of the U.S. Govt. Safety Standards, 16CFR1201CATII specifications and ANSI-Z.1-1984.

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Rosenthal Sheeter-2WM

Rosenthal Sheeter-3WM

Rosenthal Sheeter-4WM

Rosenthal Sheeter-5WM

Rosenthal Sheeter-6WM

Rosenthal Sheeter-7WM

Rosenthal Sheeter-8WM


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