SM5C Five Spindle Glass Polishing Edger – 5 Spindle

 SM5C  Polishing Machine (5 Spindle)


The SM5C Vertical Edger produces a highly polished flat and seam edge. The 5 cup wheels grind, seam and polish the glass as it runs through the machine. The 2 polish wheels ensure a smooth, high quality finish. The last wheel is a cerium impregnated wheel that gives the glass a clear polished finish. The conveyor speed is variable from 1.6 fpm to 9.8 fpm (0.50 to 3.0 mpm) and the machine has a large glass rack with the capacity to handle a 550 lb. (250 kg) piece of glass up to 100’’ x 63’’ tall. Thickness of glass can range from 1/8’’ to ½’’ (3mm-12mm) and requires that only the front arris wheel positions be changed for different thicknesses. Spindles have position indicators to make re-setting wheel positions easy.


Glass pieces can be as small as 4’’x 4’’ (100mm x 100mm). Compressed air is not required because all functions of the machine are set manually. Ammeters for each motor are mounted on the control panel with individual and main motor controls.

Spindles: 5
Size: 236” L x 47” W
Power: 230 Volt 3 Phase
Glass Thickness: 3-12MM (1/8”- 1/2”)
Working Height: 810MM (32”)

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