Diamond Routers

Diamond routers are used mostly on CNC machines for cutting out shower hinge notches. We have several types available that not only produce the notch but can finish it off with seamed edges.

Router with Belgium style mount standard length 75mm Segmented design for roughing out profiles.Available in the following sizes 10mm dia x 40mm,14mm x40mm 20mm x 40mm & 20mm x 50mm Used on Besana workstation,Intermac,Bavelloni and Brembana CNC machines.

Router and finishing tool combo tool standard length 75mm. 10mm dia roughing section Available with 10 or 12mm finishing spool.

Forvet style roughing and finishing router tools 105mm long. Rougher 16mm diam x 20mm length. Finishing tool availble with 16mm dia spool for 10,12,15,or 19mm glass thickness sizes.

Finishing tool with Belgium style mount standard length 75mm. Available in 3,4,5,6,8,10,12 & 19mm glass thickness sizes.

Roughing tip 20mm dia x 16mm with 8mm thread and 10mm c/bore. Used on some CNC workstations. Finishing spools also available, for this tool design.

30mm long Belgium mount extension adaptor. Used to extend standard length 75mm tooling for Forvet machine.

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