Diamond Wheel Dressing stones

Dressing Stones

White aluminum oxide dressing stones are used for exposing new sharp diamonds on metal bond diamond wheels. They are available in the following sizes:

    • 2″ x 7″ x 1/8″ 150 or 220 grit

    • 2″ x 7″ x 3/16″ 150 or 220 grit

    • 2″ x 7″ x 1/4″ 150 x 220 grit

Polish Wheel Trim Tool

The polishing wheel trim tool has been designed to allow the machine operator to trim down periphery polishing wheels without taking them off the machine. The flat section of the tool has a very course layer of diamonds which can remove the worn part of the the wheel with just light pressure. The other end of the tool has a rounded edge which is ideal for pre-forming new periphery wheels.

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