Make: Carlson Wegoma

Model: 601G

Type: Semi Automatic Insulating Glass Line for Super Spacer

System incldes the following:-

1. In-Put glass conveyor section 

2. 8 brush glass washing and drying section

3. Glass inspection/transfer conveyor system to stage 2 units at a time 

4. Automatic tilting Super Spacer application table

5. Glass transfer/Buffer conveyor system

6. Glass transfer conveyor station with grid matrix back board

7. Assembly Platen press

8. Tilting glass transfer conveyor

9. Fixed Horizontal roller off-load conveyor

10. Electrical control panel containing all UL Approved components

11. 8 brush intergrated washer and dryer features bank of low E brushes for soft coat low E 

Year: 2007

Footprint: 73' Long x 10' wide x 8' High

Maximum unit size : 63" x 98" 

Location: Midwest, USA

Condition: Excellent "LIKE NEW"

Comments: This was a demo unit and only installed in 2009. Used very little, no high production.
 System can be inspected under power.



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