Lenhardt line

Lenhardt I.G.Line

Make: Lenhardt

Line manufactured and installed: October 2002

IG unit size capacity: Min. 7 13/16″ x 14″ Max. 103″ x 136″

Line Size: 138′ (L) x 20′ (W) x 15′ (H)

Line Direction: Left to Right

Water purification platform size: 15′ x 3′

Power Voltage: 240v 3 phase

Number of units produced: 207,634

Spacer” Metal w/ PIB: or TPS (Thermo-Plastic Spacer)

TPS Spacer Application: CNC Robot

Gas filling: Yes

Secondary seal: two-part silicone


Dismantling, Rigging/Loading, Shipping & Installation is buyer responsibility. Full specifications are available on request

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