Spadix IG line

Manufacture: Spadix Technologies Inc

Includes the following:

60″ glass washer

spacer alignment table

automatic glass assembly

roller press

Quad seal ( section & pump  not included)

currently set up for metal spacer can be set up for super spacer.


The following description was taken from the manufacturers web site and are subject to verification by buyer.


1. Glass Washer

Standard 60” 6-brush washer. Inspection light package, powered infeed and outfeed, fresh water rinse saving feature, heated wash.

2. Flexible Spacer Applicator

Automatically applies flexible spacer to the glass.

3. Metal Spacer Bar Alignment Station

Quickly and easily aligns your PIB extruded metal bar to the glass.

4. Manual Flexible Tilt Application Station

Designed for easy manual application of flexible spacer.

5. Muntin Bar Station

Allows easy alignment of muntin bar after spacer application.

6. Automated Glass Matching Station

No more manual glass matching required with our automated system.

7. Roller Press

After the Matching Station, the unit is advanced into our roller press to wet out the PIB or adhere your flexible spacer to the glass.

8. Quad Seal

Not included

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