The washer has been designed to wash and dry flat glass sheets and equipped with all technical devices enabling a very simple and safe use.

The machine consists mainly of three parts

– loading zone, including a driven lead-in conveyor destined to bring the glass

into the machine.

– central body, comprising a supporting frame where the washing

cylindrical brushes are contained as well as the drying air blowers, connected

to a feeding fan.

– unloading zone, consisting of a driven take-off conveyor destined to receive

the glass at the exit of the washing/drying section.



The washing and drying machine is equipped with two top ant two

bottom cylindrical brushes and spraying pipes and two pairs of

top/bottom air blowers.

Glass maximum width 1000 mm,

Glass thickness 2 up to 12 mm,

Working speed 2 m/min,

Glass minimum sizes 80 x 150 mm,

Working height 950 mm,

Electrical power 5.5 Kw,

Feeding voltage: please refer to the specific identification label on the  machine,

Mains water consumption: 1.5 m3/h,

Water feeding pressure: 3 bar,

Overall sizes of the machine: 3000 x 1700 x 1400 mm,

Machine weight: 990 Kg. about.

Description was taken from manufacturers web site and is subject to verification

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