VE2Plus2 Glass Edger

Make: CRL/ Somaca

Model:  VE2Plus2

Type: Glass Edger

Overall length: 225”

Voltage: 230 Volts, 3 phase

Location: Riverside, CA

Condition: Fully refurbished


The VE2PLUS2 can be placed within one foot of the wall for a minimum impact on floor space. To achieve this space savings, the coolant tank and all of the machine adjustments were moved to the front of the machine. This simplifies all machine adjustments and normal equipment maintenance. The VE2PlUS2 has the largest standard glass rack in the industry so you’ll appreciate the 7-foot-long conveyors. The VE2PLUS2 is the only U.L. approved two spindle machines on the market. We also meet or exceed OSHA’s requirements for machine safety. 

The VE2PlUS2 offers you added edging capacity not found elsewhere. You can place 2 wheels on each spindle, quickly repositioning them from ¼’’ flat and seam, for example, to ½’’ pencil edger. You don’t have to do a complete wheel changeover, saving you labor and production time. The new color coded dial indicators system allows exact wheel positioning every time and the fastest adjustments of any peripheral machine.  

We’ve lowered the pass line to 28-½’’ making it even easier for the operator to load glass. This machine processes 1/8’’ to ½’ glass up to 100’’ per minute. Pencil, Miter or flat and seam profiles on a variety of thickness are possible. Minimum glass is 3.5’’ x 3.5’’, glass strips 2’’ x 24’’ can also be processed. 

Price:  Call for Pricing or email us with the link below



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