Vetromac SA40-26 CNC glass cutting table
Vetromac SA40-26

Make: Vetromac ( Made in Italy )

Model: SA40-26

Maximum glass size: 4000mm x 2600mm ( 157″ x 102″ )

Overall size of table: 4637mm x 3165mm (  182″ x  124″ )

Type: CNC glass cutting table with pneumatic tilting glass loading arms

Cutting Speed: 180 meters per minute

Glass thickness: 2-19mm ( single strength to 3/4″ )



Options available:

  • Low-e removal through a system fixed on the cutting head. It uses a vertical wheel that allows the removal of the coating of the glass in rectilinear and shapes. See video below for demonstration.
  • Low-e removal through a system fixed on cutting head. It uses a 20 mm router type tool that allows the removal of the coating of the glass in rectilinear and  shapes.
  • Brushless servomotors X and Y axis increased size to achieve a cutting speed of 200 m/min and acceleration of 1G –10 m/sec2
  • Optical reader for single step shape learning and automatic regeneration for directly cutting.
  • A labels systems with a Professional Label Printer is fixed directly on board of PC cabinet.
  • Software option for precision cutting management of vinyl films applied to glass for reach an excellent vinyl cutting quality of any shape drawings.
  • Innovative and unique automatic rotary tool changer with 10 tools always available, fixed directly on the cutting head.(Patented)
  • VETROVIEW: Is a break-out display software which runs directly on the cutting table console with a  large screen monitor installed in front of the break-out table operator
  • Office Key is an additional optimization software license that allows the use of  the optimization software from an office PC. Available for Edit-Way or PerfectCut.
  • Laser Scanning.
  • Breakout table.

Notes: Table Sizes

Model SA26-19maximum glass size 2600 x 1900 ( 102″ x 74″ )

Model SA33-26maximum glass size 3300 x 2600 ( 130″ x 102″ )

Model SA40-26maximum glass size 4000 x 2600 ( 157″ x 102″ )

Model SA40-28maximum glass size 4000 x 2800 ( 157″ x 110″ )

Model SA60-33maximum glass size 6000 x 3300 ( 236″ x 130″ ) Jumbo



Vetromac SA40-26 brochure

                                                    Edge deletion system for LOW E glass

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