VEW63 Open Top 63” Vertical Glass Washer

Model: VEW63

Height: 63″

Year: New

Electrical: 5 Motors, Total 12.3 HP (9.2 kw) Includes Blower

Voltage: Three Phase, 60 Cycle, 230V AC

Power: 40 AMP @ 230V AC

Brushes: 4 brushes  (Option for Low E Brushes or Regular)

Weight: 2,700 lbs

Location: West Coast,  USA

Condition: Brand New


The VEW63 washer is a open top vertical glass washer that can wash glass to 63” (1.60 m) wide in one pass, and up to 126” (3.20 m) wide in two passes. The machine will operate from 3.28 to 22.9 per minute (1.0 x 7 mpm), and has a load capacity of 300 lbs. ( 136 kg) You can wash glass from single strength to 1/2” (12mm ) thick, and from a minimum size of 4” x 10” ( 102 x 305 mm). Frame components in contact with the washing areas are made of stainless steel. Power conveyors, blower sound enclosure, recirculated heated detergent, recirculated miser rinse, and a fresh water electric solenoid valve are standard. Also included are glass inspection lights on the exit conveyor. The four brushes are Low-e compatible. Set-up and maintenance is easy, and can be completed without a factory service technician.

All controls are built to OSHA requirements, CE and National Electric Code. Wiring is for Three Phase, 60 Cycle, 230V AC power.

Converter available to operate the VEW63 Washer at Single Phase, 60 Cycle, 220V AC

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